Monday, March 12, 2018

Elizabeth Warren Won't Run for President... DOH!

I'm posting this today, because it is one of the few times that I think I can say, "You heard it here first!" By now you should know that Elizabeth Warren has stated that she would NOT run for President in 2020, but refused to commit to filling out her full 6-year term should she be re-elected.

On one had, CNN is digging up clips of Obama's senatorial campaign saying he would NOT run for President in 2006, and on the other hand, Fox focusing on getting her DNA analyzed to prove her Native American heritage. Both are irrelevant and everyone is asking the wrong questions. 

To me it's obvious why she categorically states she won't run, but avoids saying she will serve her full term. Elizabeth Warren has been a thorn in the side of Wall Street, bankers, and corporations. That is her brand and that is her passion. After hearing her rejection of a presidential run, instead of asking if she would serve her full term, I would have asked about her interest in being appointed to head the SEC.

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