Saturday, April 26, 2014

Connor Bottling and Squamscot Beverages

A few days ago we took our grandson on a short ride to Newfields, NH to visit the Connor Bottling company where the make Squamscot Beverages, a wide variety of flavored carbonated soda.

Their website tells us this local business has been run by five generations of the Connor family since the Civil War. They are still in the same building, with very few structural changes.  In 1863 they got their start by producing a spruce beer, which came in returnable bottles. (Remember them?)

During prohibition, Squamscot Gingerale became the outstanding drink in New England.  Growing the bottling works to nearly 26,000 cases and 14 flavors in 1930.  In 1938, they purchased their first bottling machine and named it Dixie.  She is still in the same place she was installed and is still cranking out product. From there, they never looked back and today produce 27 different flavors!

We got to see Dixie in action.  She has lost a little of her edge and sparkle, but she still makes a splash was still fun to watch. as you will see in the video.


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