Friday, October 19, 2007

Joey Bishop and the Sands Die on the Same Night

It's ironic that Joey Bishop, the last surviving member of the "Rat Pack" and perpetual star of the Sands Las Vegas show should die on the same day that the Sands Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City was imploded.

Speaking of the Rat Pack, I'd like to comment on a possible error in the Asbury Park Press. In their front page article they stated that "...a public address system blared Sinatra crooning Bye Bye Birdie."

While it's possible that the article is accurate, because it was referencing Governor Cozine's pushing the plunger on the podium, but the ten of thousands on the boardwalk near Bally's never heard that tune. Instead, we were treated to the voice of Bobby Martin singing to the thousands of strangers in the night.

While the Governor and the Sands got the spotlight, the hard work of Bobby Martin seems to be overlooked. Those of us who waited for hours before the implosion appreciate his efforts.

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