Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid Journal Entry 2 - The Keys and the Puzzle

It's day two of the basement clean up and as yesterday, I found a memory that takes on a whole new meaning.

I hang around with folks who like to help other folks and volunteer in the community. Our reward is an inner one, and our payment is a thanks, a smile, and a handshake. (Today, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.)

From time to time we receive thanks in the form a small gift. Some, like the police patch given to me by the Raymond Police Department, or the woven basket given to me by the Indiginous People of Quebec, are treasures I keep and display.  Others like tote bags or certificates, are no less appreciated, but often are much less visible, and often stored away in a drawer or box.

I found one such gift, but it has new status and meaning to me. It was key ring given to me by the Raymond School District for being part of the strategic planning initiative. At the time, I was struck by the message on the inscription The problem was, I have so many keys. I think I lean to the right when I walk, and they eat through pockets like a caterpillar eats through leaves. So it sat in a drawer in the basement.

Today, when I opened the drawer and read the inscription again, it struck home in a new way. It is now attached to my keys, pockets be damned!


We are all in this together!

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