Thursday, January 21, 2016

Comcast Increased Rates and Decreased Service

I recently ordered the new Xfinity voice remote for a one-time shipping charge of $5.95.  When I received my bill, I noticed it went up $15.24.

At just about the same time I noticed the unexpected increase in fees, while flipping through the channels, I received a message that meant Spike TV, which had been part of my bundle had been moved to a premium bundle.

I called customer service and found that the $5.95 was indeed a one-time charge, but ONCE AGAIN, Comcast has raised their annual fees.  This time there was an increase of roughly 100% in the Regional Sports Fee and Broadcast TV Fee, AND they did remove Spike TV to a premium package.

Spike happened to be one of about a dozen channels I watch. Losing it will not diminish the quality of my life or rob me of intellectual enlightenment, but that means Comcast has DECREASED my service but INCREASED my fees.  That does not make me a happy camper!

Being in a condo complex, I am trapped.  All I can do was to file a complaint with the FCC.  While they are not set up to handle individual complaints such as this, they do aggregate the data and if a trend forms, they may investigate. 

If you are fed up as much as I, you might consider filing a complaint with the FCC.  It is a short process.  I don't know if it will result in any action, but I know not acting won't solve rising prices. Just go to and select a filing method that works for you.