Monday, March 28, 2016

Apnea Dental Appliance

After more than two years of struggling with a CPAP_ machine, I had to either give it up or find another way to treat my sleep apnea. That led me to Dr. Jin, of Sleep Apnea Dentists in Weston, MA. to see if I would be a good candidate for a dental appliance.

For those of you who may also be having CPAP problems, this video will take you though the entire process from initial interview and assessment of possible success, on through the molding, fitting, and final adjustments. By watching this video, you should get an idea of what the entire process. More importantly, Dr. Jin's thoroughness and professionalism will serve as the gold standard by which you may judge the quality of other practitioners. I hope this can provide helpful information for anyone considering an oral appliance as an alternative to the CPAP machine.