Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dress Code for Machester Teachers

This week the Manchester Board of Education met to come up with a dress code for students, but instead came up with a dress code for teachers. According to WBZ the dress the dress code says,

"No shorts, no flip flops, no jeans.

Brennan explains that if the teacher is wearing one of those items, or the others on the list, they'll be given an opportunity to "put something on more appropriate."

He said the next step would be to put a letter in their file.

Brennan said if it continues, he would look for consideration of insubordination.

Donna McQuade's daughter, Mallory, is a student at Hillside Middle School, and told WBZ that she's happy there's a dress code for teachers after an experience Mallory had.

"She [The teacher] got up in front of a group of parents with the most incredibly low cut blouse," said McQuade. "Her skirt was as short as her jacket and go-go boots."

The school committee debated the dress code for five hours.

Student dress in the school needs to be improved and the idea is to lead by example. However it is imperative that teachers actively work to improve get students to change their habits. Professional development is required and lesson resources must be provided.

At great personal sacrifice, I have worked to find material that will help teach guide students and give them an understanding of what it means to be well groomed.

Through the magic of the Internet, I give you Coronet Film's "How to be Well Groomed".

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